Reasons to buy a dedicated photo camera

Although right now a lot of smartphones can be used to make high-quality photos, dedicated photo cameras are still hardly obsolete. There are some great features that only the devices created with the express purpose of making photos can offer – let us take a look at some of them!

For one thing, photo cameras have much bigger extending lenses and thus can offer a much better zoom than smartphones (in fact, the majority of phone cameras do not offer a real zoom, instead just cropping out the non-zoomed area). The best modern smartphones can at best offer a 2x zoom, while even the low-end dedicated photo cameras give you the opportunity to use a much closer optical zoom. Thanks to this, a good photo camera can let you capture detailed images from a far distance.

Another feature that the smartphone cameras had to sacrifice for size is the wide-angle capability. In general, they provide really mediocre wide-angle shots, while a really good dedicated photo camera can successfully capture a detailed image of a picturesque landscape.

What is more, a high-end dedicated digital camera easily beats even the best smartphones with regards to low-light performance. Again, this comes down to size: dedicated photo cameras have significantly larger sensors. Therefore, people who are interested in shooting photos in the dark or near-dark definitely should take buying a high-end photo camera into consideration, although even the cheaper ones should be better than most smartphones in that regard.

Also, smartphones do not offer as much flexibility as the best cameras. Again, there is no denying that their technology is rapidly advancing; however, they still come up short with regards to the control over such factors as the amount of light that goes into the sensor. What is more, the really great cameras offer simply a bigger range of settings than any smartphone can.

Because of all of these factors, dedicated photo cameras are still the preferred purchase for serious photographers. While it is true that phone cameras are offering increasingly high resolutions and a wider range of options, it still cannot be denied that they come up short in some areas that are very important for advanced photographers. With a dedicated photo camera, you get an opportunity to use the astonishingly wide array of settings to capture exactly the type of image that you desire. In other words, a dedicated photo camera is a tool for the photographers who are interested not only in high resolutions, but also artistic freedom.