Photography – what equipment do you need to start?

Anyone who wants to enter the world of photography might find himself quite overwhelmed by the amount of frequently expensive equipment that is deemed necessary in order to achieve satisfactory results. Because of this, there is a need for a list of all the equipment that one actually needs to start. The truth is, one does not need an extragavant set of tools in order to start pursuing photography as a serious hobby or even a profession! At first, you can do well by sticking to the basic equipment listed out below.

The most basic piece of equipment you will need to purchase is definitely a DSLR camera. This type of camera offers a wide range of settings that cannot be matched by any smartphone or point-or-shoot camera. Thus, even an entry-range DSLR will open a whole world of possibilities for you. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to buy a high-end model right off the bat!

Since DSLRs are cameras with interchangeable lenses, buying a high-quality lens is also a great option. Having a really good lens can really help you take great pictures. Moreover, you need to take consideration that lenses can quite easily get dirty, so you will probably need a lens pen for cleaning them.

A problem that is often encountered by beginner amateur photographers is the issue of the temperature of the photo. If it is off, the colors in the picture might end up looking quite unnatural. This becomes a really big problem when shooting indoors without natural light, as you will have to adjust the temperature of the photo manually. However, a gray card or an Expodisc can help you to set your custom white balance, eliminating this problem entirely.

Having a really great camera is one thing, but if you want to manipulate the images the way you desire, you will also need powerful image editing software. There are many different applications out there and most of them are quite expensive. However, most of them offer a free trial option, so you can test them before you decide which one you want to buy. At the beginning, you will definitely want software that is beginner-friendly – thankfully, there are programs that are both easy to use and quite powerful.

Last but not least, you should consider buying a camera bag. Unfortunately, a DSLR camera is not really a compact piece of equipment, so if you want to carry it everywhere you want to take great pictures, a durable camera bag is a must. What is more, it can also look quite stylish!